Other Film Work

“Particularly commendable in the design of the Fleet shots was giving the sense of spontaneity in the photography of the ships. One such example occurs as the camera focuses on four or five plasma streams rising from the planet. The camera whip pans to follow the streams, and as it concludes its 180 degree turn, resting on the Fleet and the plasma streams hitting ships, the camera does a subtle yet highly effective adjustment–as if the ‘cameraman,' whipped the camera too far, and then adjusted to frame the action. This small feature created for this shot lends a great deal to the believability of the sequence. The shot mirrors documentary and news footage, where the cameraman is constantly readjusting the framing of the shot. So many times in space visual effects sequences, the camera is robotic, anticipating the action that 'occurs’ in front of the camera.” – 1998 VFX HQ Starship Troopers review – page 2


Previsualization, 3D Modelling, Concept Design, Environment Art and Art Direction


Work done while at Manex Visual Effects and Tippett Studio