EA Sports – NCAA 06-07 Art Direction

IGN - “Presentation – 9: It’s all about atmosphere. A fantastic representation of the excitement of college ball. New cutscenes and a slicker menu interface round out the changes. Like any EA Sports game, it’s accessible. — Graphics 9.5: Updated player models, great uniform textures, and brilliant tackle animations. NCAA 2006 is now almost as much fun to watch as it is to play.”

xbox.gamespy.com - "Graphically, NCAA Football 06 has gotten quite an overhaul on a number of fronts. The player models have been dramatically improved, as have their animations,"

consolegameworld.com - "Other realistic enhanced features include stellar graphics - -The complete package - high replay value, amazing graphics, and more realistic gameplay make this a superstar hit."

egm.1up.com - "Thankfully, EA has addressed my biggest complaint with last year's edition of NCAA: the visuals. Everything has been touched up; the grass no longer looks like Astroturf, stadium shadows cover parts of the field, and better yet, the players actually look like student-athletes (they sport punier physiques than the pro bunch do)."

g4tv.com - "The most dramatic changes in NCAA Football 06 seem to involve its presentation. Player models accurately reflect size and weight. Players also catch, tackle, and run with more diverse animation, and the close-up views show impressive detail on jerseys and helmets."

ps2.gamezone.com - "Graphically, NCAA Football 06 is a treat. Graphics: 9.4"


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