Misc. Work Examples - Updated May, 2021

Mel Birnkrant's "The Outer Space Men" for DreamView Studios. 21 lower poly-count, but accurately detailed, articulated toy figures and 40 props, ready for AR and up-res’ing for photo-realistic rendering and animation. Modeled in Maya from photo-ref and the actual toys. Check out theouterspacemen.com and melbirnkrant.com

One smooth pass in Maya. Rendered with Maverick.

One smooth pass in Maya, rendered with Maverick

Original lower poly-count model

One smooth pass in Maya. Material test render.

Some examples from Aegis Technologies / BlueHalo

No modeling - Just rendered and comped

Popular Mechanics rough cover “sketches” using 3D rendered and photo comped elements

Popular Mechanics insert graphic for article on water turbine – Maya

Stylized character model in Maya and ZBrush

2003 proof of concept animation for Silver Pictures based on concept drawings by Geof Darrow.

1/6 scale Neanderthal head sculpt based on concept from Richard C. Livingston